Hello Everyone,

As we venture forward in these times of uncertainty, it is my hope you and your loved ones (Equines too!) are doing well …

Horse showing has taken a significant hiatus it’s true, but I am now excited to be able to begin our USEF/USDF recognized show year in June at The Grand Oaks. To ensure our riders and families safety and adherence to published COVID 19 guidelines we have mandated a number of adjusted protocols that will be utilized during this show.

I have requested an expansion of the June 13-14 show from USEF to two shows in one weekend, so you’ll have more opportunity for critical qualifying scores.  The adjusted prize list should be posted within the week: If we are unable to have the show, all of the entry money will be refunded.

With that being said, the safety and wellbeing of our exhibitors, horse show staff, and officials is our top priority. We have taken into consideration the  COVID 19 guidelines of local, state and USEF/USDF.  A number of changes may occur during this cautious time…

  • We will be limiting access to our office staff at the show so all entries must be complete, made accurately and all online.
    If you don’t have the capability to enter on line, please contact me personally. My contact information is listed below.


  • “Social Distancing” is of paramount importance during this event. No spectators are allowed, the show will not be advertised to the general public and the support staff of each rider is limited to three people including family members.  These guidelines have been published by USEF for our suggested adherence.


  • Throughout the show, Orlando Dressage and/or Grand Oaks staffing may be monitoring adherence to suggested Social Distance guidelines and request polite adherence if necessary. It is appropriate to show staff respect and appreciation of their concern for your safety and good health.


  • Not only will ride times will be scheduled but schooling opportunities as well. The schooling arenas will designate both an in-gate and an exit-gate. We ask that all competitors and support staff help us by utilizing these guidelines in planning your riding activity.

With all of us taking this virus seriously and thinking of others, we should be able to have a rewarding, competitive and safe show.  And, continue showing for the remainder of 2020!!

Looking forward to seeing all of you! And to those who know me, at least giving you an air hug!

Gayle Witty
phone/text 352-406-9886

Next Event

Ride times and stabling will be posted Thursday evening prior to event

Event: Dressage Under the Oaks III

Location: Grand Oaks

When: June 13-14th

Prize List: PDF

Ride Times:

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