Welcome to the Heidelberg Cups I & II!

We are busy preparing for our wonderful Heidelberg Cup shows. On Sunday we will have our Dressage Equitation Championship! Rules for qualifying are in the prize list.

We will also award the Klaus Fraessdorf Award in memory of the founder of Orlando Dressage. This is awarded to the competitor with the highest average of Second Level Test Three and any Third Level test.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, Friends of Dressage and Annette and Carey of Sunspree, we will be awarding fantastic ribbons and prizes! 
And to make it even better, we will also have a competitor’s party during the lunch break on Sunday.  

This show is two shows in one weekend so you are able to receive two qualifying scores for the regional championships. Our judges for the weekend are Sue Kolstad ’S’ &Jodi Ely, ‘S’. You may access the prize list here.

 I have good news, Orange County have been busy improving the footing in the covered ring. I will be checking on it before our show. Hopefully it will be suitable for our wonderful horses. 

Come join in the fun!
Looking forward to seeing all of you!

Gayle Witty and all of us at Orlando Dressage
Professional, Yet Friendly!

Next Event
Ride times and stabling will be posted Thursday evening prior to event

Event: The Heidelberg Cups I & II

Prize List: PDF

Ride Times: PDF

Rider Schedule: PDF

Stabling Chart: PDF

Program: PDF

Hope you are able to join us for the 2024 Show Season!

November 11-12-Dressage under the Oaks IV– Grand Oaks-Heidi Berry 
December 2-3, 2023 – Orlando Winter Classic – Clarcona-Brian MacMahon 
January 13-14, 2024 –Dressage under the Oaks I– Grand Oaks-
-Charlotte Trentleman
January 27-28 – Snowbird’s Paradise Show – Clarcona-Dot Demis
February 10-11 – The Sweetheart Cup – Clarcona – Cindi Wylie
March 23 –The Heidelberg Cup I–Clarcona–Sue Kolstad and Jody Ely
2 judges and two shows in one Weekend!
March 24 –The Heidelberg Cup II–Clarcona-Sue Kolstad and Jody Ely
2 judges and two shows in one Weekend!
May 25-26 –Dressage under the Oaks II – Grand Oaks-Sandi Chohany
June 15-16 – Dressage under the Oaks III – Grand Oaks-tba