Welcome to the 2018 Dressage under the Oaks III Show
Presented by Orlando Dressage, Inc.

A special welcome to our judges this weekend, Joan Macartney, ‘S’, Beth Barritt, ‘R’ and Bill Woods, ‘R’.

First of all, Coats are Waived for the entire show! 
Water coolers will be located at the rings, please make sure you and your horse are well-hydrated.

We’ve set up Ring 1 & Ring 2 competition rings in the covered arena. Before the bell is rung, you may ride inside of the ring instead of around the ring. No riding will be allowed between or around the rings. At the sound of the whistle or bell, you go down the centerline. You do not have to exit the ring.

Warm-up will be in the Dragonfly GGT fiber ring located behind and to the left of the covered arena. Please enter the ring at the closest end to the fiber warm-up ring. (North end of the covered arena.) If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our helpful ring stewards.

Thank you for being a part of our 2018 Orlando Dressage Series!
Gayle Witty and the Orlando Dressage Staff

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Ride times and stabling will be posted Thursday evening prior to event

Event: Dressage under the Oaks III

Location: Grand Oaks

When: May 16-17th

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