Welcome to the 2019 Dressage under the Oaks IV Show
Presented by Orlando Dressage, Inc

Our dressage community lost a dear friend. Carol Smith peacefully passed away on August 26, 2019.

I visited Carol during her last week and we spoke of a special award in her honor. When I asked her which test, she paused, thought a moment, and then with a big smile said, “Grand Prix!”

Her kindness and upbeat life, will still live on.

Dressage under the Oaks IV, on September 14-15th at the Grand Oaks Resort. This show will be the last qualifier for the Region 3 Championships. Our judges this show are Cara Whitham and Pam Wooding. You may access the prize list here.

Gayle Witty

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Ride times and stabling will be posted Thursday evening prior to event

Event: Dressage Under the Oaks IV

Location: Grand Oaks

When: September 14-15th

Prize List: PDF

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