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Results for the 2016 Season

December 12-13 - Orlando Winter Classic - Clarcona

January 16-17 - Dressage under the Oaks I - Grand Oaks

January 30 -Snowbird's Paradise Show I - Clarcona

January 31 -Snowbird's Paradise Show II - Clarcona

February 13-14 -Sweetheart Cup - Clarcona

March 12-13 - Ocala Spring Dressage - Florida Horse Park

March 26 -Heidelberg Cup I - Clarcona

March 27 -Heidelberg Cup II - Clarcona

May 28-29 - Dressage under the Oaks II - Grand Oaks

June 18-19 - Dressage under the Oaks III - Grand Oaks

September - Dressage under the Oaks IV - Grand Oaks

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Next Event

*ride times and stabling will
be posted Thursday Evening prior to the event.

Event: Heidleburg Cup I & II

Location: Clarcona

When: March 24-25th

Prize list: PDF

Ride Times: 

Rider Schedule:

Stabling Chart:


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